Christopher R. Donohue, CPA

Bookkeeping 101, Inc

About us


With over twenty years of industry experience, Chris is the driving force behind Bookkeeping 101 and Christopher R Donohue CPA, pioneering a client-centric approach to accounting services. His vision and expertise have guided the firm to excel in providing comprehensive financial solutions to individuals and businesses. His commitment to delivering tailored strategies and their passion for helping clients achieve financial success distinguish Chris as a leader in the field.

Chris' dedication to staying abreast of evolving industry trends, combined with a focus on technology-driven solutions, ensures that Bookkeeping 101 consistently delivers unparalleled service. Beyond numbers, Chris is deeply committed to fostering lasting client relationships built on trust, reliability, and exceptional results.

Chris graduated from North Carolina State University in 1994 and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. He also is a member of the North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Outside of the office, Chris enjoys spending time with his family, sailing, and tinkering on projects around the house.


Senior Staff Accountant

Lauren brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the Bookkeeping 101 team. With a solid foundation built on over ten years of professional experience, Lauren plays a pivotal role in delivering top-tier accounting and financial services to our valued clients.

Lauren's passion for precision and meticulous attention to detail ensures the highest standards in financial reporting, analysis, and compliance. Lauren leverages innovative solutions to optimize processes and provide clients with efficient and accurate financial insights.

Beyond technical proficiency, Lauren offers strategic guidance and personalized solutions that align with each client's goals and aspirations. Her collaborative nature and strong communication skills make Lauren an integral part of the Bookkeeping 101 team.

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with her dog.